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I'm a single mom, a graphic design student, and I work for one of the world's largest computer companies. I enjoy doing digital artwork and plan on finding work with a publishing company or some other print-dedicated company once  I finish my degree (one year to go!)

Recent Updates

April 13, 2004: Welcome! This is Tiggy reporting live from my home studio... IE: My computer. Today is Day 1 of Feline Fanatica Online so be warned, this place is going to look like carp crap for a while.

I'm going to be putting tricks and fun tutorials on here for Photoshop 7. This webpage will be dedicated to artwork for print. So when you see me put up tutorials, all of them will say 300 dpi. I like that resolution, it prints very nicely, and it's a professional dot per inch ratio. 

I hope you have loads of fun here!


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If you'd like to contact me about a particular tutorial, my email follows.

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I hope you enjoyed your stay!